As the crypto industry continues to mature, investors have sought out the familiarity of ETPs for exposure to the space. As interest in cryptocurrencies increased over the past year, ETPs have emerged as a popular instrument for institutional investors to gain exposure to the burgeoning sector. In this piece, we provide an overview of crypto ETPs and highlight key players in the crypto ETP space.

Exchange traded products (ETPs) are financial instruments that aim to track the performance of an underlying asset or benchmark before fees. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are likely the mostly widely known type of ETPs, and gained much traction in the 1990s with the launch of the S&P 500 Trust ETF, which remains popular today.

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Martin Gaspar
Research Analyst

Martin is a research analyst at CrossTower. Martin has several years of experience in conducting fundamental research and cryptocurrency analysis. Prior to joining CrossTower, Martin was a fixed income research analyst at Wells Fargo Securities, where he helped support traders, salespeople, and buy-side clients through his actionable investment recommendations. He has a passion for crypto and has followed the space extensively since 2012. Martin holds a BA from Colorado College, where he graduated with Distinction in Economics.