CrossTower is now offering a Referral program to its customers ! The referral program is an easy way to earn crypto continually. All you need to do is sign up with three simple steps. All customers can go to the referral tab on their CrossTower account, click on the “Create Referral Link” button. Your very own referral link and QR code will be generated. All traders who join with that referral code will help you earn commissions! On all eligible trades from your referred customers you will be earning 25% of the fees we collect. When a trader signs up with CrossTower using your referral link they will be helping you earn commissions!

There are a few things customers should know before sending out their referral link to their friends. A customer’s account must first pass the identity verification before they start inviting other potential CrossTower users. Customers can generate as many links as they want, but the referral link will only be valid for 6 months after it is generated. Customers cannot receive commission from referred users if the link expired prior to the referred user signing up for CrossTower.

Your commission will be 25% of the total trading fees generated by all trades where your referee is a participant. Commission will be paid in USDC and can be paid out if you accrued a minimum of 10 USDC. Once you accrue 10 USDC in referral commission it will be paid out to your CrossTower account the next day between 1-2 am UTC. CrossTower also offers a way to keep track of how much commission you generated from your links. This can be found under the referral tab and you are able to see what you accrued, what has been paid out, as well as your total earnings.

CrossTower’s new referral program is a great way to get your friends involved in crypto while earning continual commissions from their trading activities. Invite your friends or group of traders and start earning!

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