Crosstower is happy to announce that TrueUSD (TUSD) will be available to buy, sell and trade on the CrossTower Global Digital Asset Trading Platform available to our non-US customers beginning on December 8, 2020.

New to Crosstower? International customers may register to begin trading here.

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About TrueUSD (TUSD):

Launched by their parent company, TrustToken in 2018, TrueUSD is a fully collateralized  stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. TrueUSD is the first asset token to be built on the TrustToken platform. TrueUSD tends to appeal to smaller private investors as well as large investors who want to reduce risk. Since their launch TrueUSD has incorporated close to $400 million of backed tokens.  

What problems will this project solve?

TrueUSD’s main goal is to provide cryptocurrency traders with a non-volatile asset.

How will it solve these problems?

TrueUSD aims to solve this problem by providing stability for it’s users during times of volatility in the market.

About the team:

Rafael Cosman – CEO & Co-founder

Before starting TrueUSD, Rafael was a former machine learning engineer at Google.

Alex de Lorraine – COO & Sr. Director of Finance

Before working at TrueUSD, ALex was a former Business Controller & Head of Shared Services at Google

Jing Zhao – Senior Software Engineer

Before working at TrueUSD, Jing was previous senior software engineer at Doordash, Jing has  her Masters from Cornell in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Computer Science

Harold Hyatt – Lead Blockchain Engineer

Before working at TrueUSD, Harold was a previous software engineer at MakersPlace, Harold has his Bachelors from Northeastern in Computer Science


About CrossTower

Founded in 2020, CrossTower is an exchange operator founded by capital markets veterans on a mission to mainstream digital asset trading and investing. Our digital-asset platform was methodically built for institutional and individual investors with best-in-class safeguards, services and capabilities as well as innovative pricing to make the next-generation financial markets a reality. Because our leadership team has extensive experience building and managing traditional exchanges, we understand what’s needed to ensure the CrossTower experience is familiar to market professionals.

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