Crosstower is happy to announce that Synthetix (SNX) will be available to buy, sell and trade on the CrossTower Global Digital Asset Trading Platform available to our non-US customers beginning on December 8, 2020.

New to Crosstower? International customers may register to begin trading today!

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About Synthetix (SNX):

Synthetix (SNX) is a synthetic asset platform built on top of Ethereum. SNX acts as the collateral that is locked into the protocol. sUSD is the represented debt created from locking SNX up. sUSD can then be transferred into any other synthetic product represented on the Synthetix Decentralized Exchange.

What problems will this project solve?

Synthetix aims to provide a marketplace for synthetic assets.

How will it solve these problems?

Synthetix solves synthetic data aggregation by grabbing data from oracles that feed the information into the Synthetix network. This data is used to swap between different synthetic assets on the Synthetix exchange.

About the team:

Kain Warwick – CEO

Kain’s experience in digital assets comes from his involvement with a payment gateway company in Australia named Blushyft. He became involved in crypto in 2014 and originally built Synthetix as a stable coin project called Havven.

Justin Moses – CTO

Justin has a background in engineering web applications. He was formerly Director of Engineering at MongoDB. Justin began working full time on the Synthetix project in 2018.


About CrossTower

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