CrossTower is happy to announce that Numeraire (NMR) will be available to buy, sell and trade on the CrossTower Global Digital Asset Trading Platform available to our non-US customers beginning on November 24, 2020.

New to Crosstower? International customers may register to begin trading today!

About Numeraire (NMR):

Numerai aims to be a crowd-sourced hedge fund that uses predictions and Numeraire staked into the network to incentivize data scientists to make correct models. Numerai uses the Numeraire (NMR) token as the asset that is staked to the network. Numeraire is an ERC 20 token/ Network participants can decide on the direction of the Numerai hedge fund by staking NMR into the network. The larger stake will lead to more power over a specific decision.

What problems will this project solve?

Numerai aims to solve a machine learning problem when utilizing too many parameters called overfitting. Overfitting is when there are too many parameters and the output data can actually lead to a higher error rate.

How will it solve these problems?

Numerai solves this overfitting issue by utilizing a staking mechanism that will better utilize resources. The resources are better utilized by the Numerai staking mechanism that locks Numeraire into the choices of the data scientists. 

About the team:

Richard Craib – Founder

Richard Craib has a background in Mathematics. His foundation in quantitative analysis led him to create a crowd-source hedge fund that also leverages machine learning.


About CrossTower

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