NEW YORK – March 22, 2020 – CrossTower, a capital markets firm founded by industry veterans on a mission
to mainstream digital asset investing and trading, today announced a new partnership with crypto market maker DV Chain. Partnering with this preeminent trading counterparty enables CrossTower to deliver deeper liquidity pools so that institutional traders and exchanges can more easily and efficiently execute transactions, such as large block trades.

“Aligning with DV Chain, one of the most sophisticated and globally recognized crypto market makers, enables us to reach more institutions that need the deepest order books and the tightest possible spreads. They share our mission to deliver an exceptional client experience,” said CrossTower CEO and Co-Founder Kapil Rathi.

CrossTower, one of the fastest growing U.S.-regulated digital asset exchanges, is proud to be added to the DV Chain network. DV Chain brings a wide range of specialized services to institutional and other market participants, allowing them to safely and efficiently trade crypto through a variety of APIs and interfaces, unlocking new opportunities and helping them thrive 365 days of the year, 24/7.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Crosstower’s seasoned team that has built one of the industry’s most high-caliber crypto trading venues,” said Michael Rabkin, DV Chain’s Head of Global Partnerships and Institutional Sales. “This partnership allows Crosstower and their clients to tap into our world-class liquidity to support the company’s continued institutional expansion.”

Having recently announced record trading volumes in February, CrossTower credits its rapid growth to the caliber of its platform, the launch of a new capital markets desk and an expanded offering that now includes structured products, digital asset lending and trade financing options, including credit card payments. Today, CrossTower supports trading in the most widely traded cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, USDC, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Chainlink, Basic Attention Token, ZCash, 0x, MakerDAO MKR, MakerDAO DAI, Decentraland and Numeraire.

CrossTower is a capital markets firm founded by industry veterans on a mission to mainstream digital
asset investing and trading. Founded in 2019, we launched our multi-asset trading platform in 2020 and,
in 2021, introduced a capital markets desk with best-in-class services and products tailored to the needs
of hedge funds, family offices and other market participants. CrossTower has leveraged its vast experience in trading, technology, operational infrastructure, innovative pricing, regulations and compliance to make digital assets accessible to discerning retail and sophisticated institutional market participants. For more information, visit

DV Chain provides market making services to institutional clients and exchanges, allowing them to trade a broad range of cryptocurrencies through a variety of APIs and interfaces. Clients can seamlessly settle transactions in multiple fiat currencies on the same day. DV Chain also provides other professional services related to digital assets to help make the trading process more efficient. DV Chain is an affiliate of DV Trading, which is a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm. Consistently regarded as one of the preeminent trading firms in the world, DV Trading has been operating as a traditional proprietary trading firm since 2006 with over 300 employees globally. DV Chain is also an affiliate of Independent Trading Group, a Canadian broker-dealer. Independent Trading Group is a member of IIROC, the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the Canadian Securities Exchange. For more information, please visit or contact [email protected]

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