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  • Coinbase has disclosed that an attacker stole Cryptocurrency from around 6,000 customers. This occurred between March and May 2021 using a vulnerability to bypass the company’s two-factor authentication system.
  • Compound Finance has been drained for $22 million in COMP tokens.
  • The SEC has delayed another 4 bitcoin ETF applications, moving the deadlines too late November and December.
  • Solana and Uniswap has been added to Grayscale nearly $500M Digital Large Cap Fund for the first time.
  • El Salvador has introduced a new fuel subsidy; local consumers can enjoy a $0.20 per gallon reduction in petrol prices when paying using the Chivo wallet.
  • IMF said that the arrival of digital currencies in emerging markets could spark “cryptoization” of local economies. This could potentially undermining exchange and capital controls as well as upsetting financial stability.
  • Joe Biden announced that top U.S. national security advisers will meet with officials from 30 countries this month to plan how to combat the threat of ransomware and other cyber-crime.
  • The Biden administration is looking into ways to propose bank-line regulations on companies that issue stable coins the Wall Street Journal reported.

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