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  • Coinbase filed an application with the National Futures Association on Wednesday to register as a futures commission merchant.
  • Yesterday the El Salvador bond spreads to U.S. Treasuries hit a record high. This is leading to investors fearing that El Salvador will not reach a potential $1Billion loan agreement with the IMF and would then face negative credit implications linked to its use of bitcoin.
  • Head of product at NFT marketplace OpenSea Nate Chastain, has resigned following allegations of insider trading.
  • Tether has released a statement saying that it doesn’t hold any commercial paper issued by the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande.
  • Binance CEO has acknowledged in a TV interview that Binance’s global, decentralized operation with no headquarters does not go down well with regulators.
  • A NFT auction on the MISO token launchpad built on SushiSwap has been exploited, with the attacker making off with roughly $3 million in ether, SushiSwap CTO tweeted on Thursday “an anonymous contractor injected malicious code into Miso’s front-end in a supply chain attack.”
  • Skybridge is planning to launch a new ETF according to the filing before the SEC. The new fund is called the ‘First Trust SkyBridge Crypto Industry and Digital Economy ETF’.
  • Avalanche has raised $230 million in a token sale to institutional investors, led by Polychain and Three Arrows Capital.
  • SkyBridge announced at the SALT conference that they have raised more than $100 million toward the newly announced Algorand fund.
  • Abra has raised $55 million in Series C funding to develop new offerings geared toward high-net-worth and institutional clients.
  • Franklin Templeton, who currently has $1.5 trillion in assets under management, is seeking to raise $20 million for what appears to be the investment firm’s first blockchain venture capital fund.
  • Greenidge Generation Holdings said it will buy 10,000 crypto mining machines for its planned new facility in South Carolina.
  • The Southeast Asian nation of Laos changed its official policy authorizing six companies to trade and mine Bitcoin in a trial run while the government begins to draft regulations about its use.

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