Kristin Boggiano, President and Co-founder of CrossTower, had a lively discussion this week with Chris Kentouris, FinOps Report founder and publisher, in our webinar, “What Fund Managers Need to Know Before Investing in Crypto Assets.”

Kristin was joined on this webinar by CrossTower Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Vanessa Williams and Head of Marketing Gordon Meyer.  We explained the distinct and clear uptick in institutional adoption.

We touched on the growing number of funds, pensions, endowments and family offices that have been moving into digital asset investing, and the considerations these firms should have top of mind, including custody, tax, counterparty credit risk, bankruptcy, regulatory and operational considerations. We touched upon the privacy, AML and cybersecurity risks unique to the digital asset class and how we see entities effectively addressing them. Finally, we discussed a general framework for evaluating digital assets.

Now that there is more clarity regarding how to identify and ring-fence risks, entities with fiduciary obligations are eagerly exploring and investing in this asset class which they’ve indicated hold significant promise of alpha,” said CrossTower co-founder and President Kristin Boggiano. Kristin touched upon the increased demand they are seeing for CrossTower’s structured products, lending, and interest rate products.

Investing in Bitcoin or other digital assets is just like investing in any new asset class. On this webinar, we shared insight into what sophisticated market participants should consider before taking the plunge into crypto.

To request a copy of the webinar transcript or to join CrossTower as a panelist or participant on a future webinar email [email protected].  To learn straight from the source what COOs, CCOs, and CFOs should know about digital asset trading, operational and legal risks, feel free to drop Kristin a line via Twitter @kristinboggiano.

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