by Katherine Webb

What are play-to-earn games?

  • Staking: Some games allow players to lock up their NFTs or tokens in smart contracts to generate rewards.
  • NFTs: These can be earned or collected by playing the game, or acquired via trading with other players.
  • Game Tokens: Tokens can be earned as a reward by completing in-game missions.

Benefits of Using Blockchains

Requirements for playing

The following are typical requirements for participating in play-to-earn gaming: 

  • Stable internet connection.
  • Cryptocurrency wallet to connect to the blockchain.
  • Prerequisite purchases, where some games require players to make purchases before playing, such as NFT characters or other in-game items. This is akin to buying a computer game before you start playing, and the in-game purchase upgrades.
  • Gas fee token for interacting with the blockchain in order to transfer gaming tokens or NFTs.

Main Categories

Examples of Blockchain Play-To-Earn Games

Gods Unchained

Final Thoughts


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