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CrossTower was methodically built for institutional and individual investors with best-in-class safeguards, services and capabilities to make the next-generation financial markets a reality. We will continue evaluating digital assets and trading pairs in accordance with our Digital Asset Selection Framework, trader feedback, and market demand.

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USD based trading pairs match one of the most influential fiat currencies – the American dollar with Digital Assets.


USD Coin based trading pairs match the “world’s fastest-growing stablecoin,” with Digital Assets.


BTC based trading pairs match the world’s foremost cryptocurrency, Bitcoin with Digital Assets.


ETH based trading pairs match the Ethereum “smart contract” token with Digital Assets.

Margin Trading

Coming Soon for Non-US customers only.

Utilize margin loans to add leverage to your crypto trading.

Simple and transparent risk management tools to stay safe and minimize liquidation scenarios.

Trade up to 2x the value of your portfolio.

Structured Products and Funds

For institutional investors and asset managers, CrossTower offers structured investments to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies. Choose from one of CrossTower’s standard offerings or work one on one with the CrossTower structuring team to build the exact solution to take the risks you want while eliminating the risks you don’t.

Available now for institutional clients.

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