Family offices

CrossTower takes a white glove approach with respect to family offices, designing digital asset products that are customized to meet the desired risk appetite of our customers.  Products include, for example, principal protected notes, yield enhancing funds and other structured exposures.

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Hedge Funds

CrossTower has relationships with many hedge funds.  We offer lending, repurchase, financing and a variety of bespoke products that capture alpha through structured products.  Many of our hedge fund clients subscribe to our research reports.

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Asset Managers

CrossTower has a team dedicated to educating asset managers about digital and cryptocurrency assets.  CrossTower offers a variety of products with different risk profiles that may be attractive to the variety of asset management clients.

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Financial Advisors

CrossTower has been contacted by many financial advisors that are looking for products for their clients.  CrossTower has products for accredited investors, such as long-only bitcoin funds, and products for retail, such as lending and interest rate products.

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