We’re always curious to check out the crypto trading battlestations of traders on CrossTower. That’s why we were excited to catch up with Nathan VDH who trades from his solid setup in Brussels, Belgium.

Tell us about your Crypto Trading Battlestation

I trade on my desk, but these days my desk has been overtaken by my vinyls! My record player stays there as well as I find music really soothing while I think about trades that might change my life!

What is your *MUST HAVE* item on your Trading setup?

My record player.

What’s your go-to vinyl album when you’re trading?

I would say Bon Iver’s 22, A Million. Gets me in the zone, good to stay focused and all around beautiful record.

What do you love the most about Crypto Trading?

I love the idea that more and more people get to participate in an exciting way in the global economy. Bringing the world of investment to millions that have been left behind is the true genius behind Bitcoin.

What do you think of CrossTower’s trading platform?

I like the layout, the amount of information at first glance is not too overwhelming but you can still find everything on there if needed. Also big fan of the darker color set.

Any Advice for other Traders out there?

Don’t sell when you feel down.

Where do you go for trading advice?

I have a few people on Youtube I follow who have good recommendations, and analysts on Twitter (Joseph Young being my favourite)

"Bringing the world of investment to millions that have been left behind is the true genius behind Bitcoin."

When did you get involved in Crypto Trading?


What inspires you the most to get ready in the morning?

Great music.

Any parting thoughts?

Enjoy the bull market, long may it last!

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