We’re always curious to check out the crypto trading battlestations of traders on CrossTower. That’s why we were excited to catch up with Ikerou who trades from his solid setup in Paris, France.

Tell us about your Crypto Trading Battlestation

A powerful computer with four displays connected to don’t miss any actions/news of the market and an additional MacBook (Important, in case something goes wrong with the computer), a comfy chair, my lucky charm (an alpaca!), always a bottle of water, and to conclude a footrest!

What about that Keyboard?

My keyboard isn’t something special, I’ve been looking for a gamer style one with fancy led, but it’s definitely a personal choice based on our spirit, it won’t help to take the good trade. 😀

What is your *MUST HAVE* item on your Trading setup?

A comfy chair will change your life.

We See a Copy of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator on your Desk – do you Always Keep it by you?

Yes sure, well it’s not always on my desk to be honest even tho I love to read it again and again, it’s probably the most famous book in the trading section. It got published almost a century ago, but we can recognize all the same patterns in term of emotions. Trading has been trading and will be always trading! Also it taught me one important lesson, which is the most important thing isn’t to be right, since everyone can be, but to be right at the right moment, to make profit! 

What do you love the most about Crypto Trading?

What’s really great is that it’s volatile market & open 24/7 so we can never get bored. (Unfortunately for our sleep sometimes tho!)

What do you think of CrossTower’s trading platform?

The dark interface that is simple and comfy for our eyes, while it provides a TradingView’s graph where we can use tools as much as we want!

"The most important thing isn't to be right, since everyone can be, but to be right at the right moment, to make profit!"

Any Advice for other Traders out there?

It’s important to keep his mental and physical conditions to last in this market, fitness/running session 5 times per week!

Where do you go for trading advice?

Some Telegram Trading groups, but also, nowadays there is a few goood Twitch streamers that provide good analyses and you can interact in chat with them and other viewers.

When did you get involved in Crypto Trading?

In early 2017, when the crypto began to be more and more famous!

What inspires you the most to get ready in the morning?

I want to prove to myself, but also my relatives than I’m being better and better trough the times and that I’ve chosen the right path (Being Trading and invest in crypto!)

Any parting thoughts?

I wish CrossTower will keep growing up and become one of the unmissable crypto-exchange!

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