Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of discussing the state of the digital asset industry with my friend Matthew Goetz, CEO and Founder of BlockTower Capital, on TABB Forum’s Market Structure Wave. We took an in-depth look at the fundamentals of investing in digital and traditional assets, with Matt explaining the significant challenges of integrating both into one’s portfolio. 

“There is a different set of risks, market cycles and volatility to manage. There are different opportunities that make sense in different market and regulatory regimes. But if you can optimize for and execute on those, you can capture the opportunities and manage the risks,” he said. 

In my view, there is an irrefutable institutional wave coming into the space. All of the familiar traditional infrastructure, tools and instruments need to be built into this emerging asset class.  Inefficiencies continue to prevent mass adoption by institutions but we are seeing the infrastructure being built. 

I asked Matt about what a personal investor’s approach might be with respect to crypto markets.  Matt added: “One of the interesting dynamics in crypto is that it’s very obvious to a lot of people that this asset class is going to create a lot of value, and this technology is going to change the world. But it’s not yet clear who the winners are going to be. You could be right that a certain cryptocurrency or use case is going to be important, the same way you might have bet on the Internet being important in the mid-90’s. But if you placed your bets on AltaVista or Ask Jeeves, you could be right on the thesis but wrong on the best bet, which in this case would have been Yahoo or Google.”

All told, this was a riveting discussion that provided insight into the path to penetrating the digital assets space, and the paradigm shift that’s changing the way we interact with money and technology, a seismic shift that is reinventing global market structure in real-time.

See the full video interview here.

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