Over Christmas and New Year, we’ve joined forces with Cointelegraph to find the finest crypto trading battlestation in all the land. You didn’t disappoint.

We’ve been inundated with hundreds of entries — and all of you have been vying for a grand prize of $5,000 in BTC, delivered directly into your CrossTower trading account.

As well as looking for some inspiration, we had some burning questions to answer: Are two rows of monitors better than one? Do people prefer their screens in portrait or landscape mode? How many people rely on a humble laptop or phone to execute their trades?

Some of you have gotten incredibly creative in decorating your crypto caverns… kitting them out with nifty gadgets and ergonomic furniture. Here are a few of the best examples.

  1. Moody lighting 

It turns out that many of you love a little bit of atmosphere when you’re lumbering up for a trading session. We’ve seen deep purples, dramatic blues and vivid greens — a color universally associated with healthy gains. Who needs a lamp?

  1. A bonus screen 

As the old saying goes… all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While many of you have splashed out on three or four displays to keep track of the latest market movements, this often hasn’t been at the expense of other things you’re passionate about. This particular entrant set

aside a big TV for some chilled out music, while others have got a spare screen to watch sports and keep up with news headlines.

  1. Going virtual 

It’s been especially cool to see several of you using VR headsets for a fully immersive trading experience. Several of you shared videos showing how you’re keeping across charts on Oculus Quest — cutting out distractions from the outside world in the process.

  1. Back to basics 

Sometimes, the most simple of accessories can have the most impact. We particularly loved this competitor’s BLOCKCLOCK, which offers a nice old-fashioned insight into how Bitcoin’s price is faring — without the need to stare at a phone or computer. Of course, one concern among crypto enthusiasts is whether the clock will have room if BTC heads above $100,000. (Apparently it does.)

  1. Blue blocker glasses 

Of course, staring at a screen all day can take a toll on your eyes — and some traders have got a fantastic routine for looking after their health. This trader’s got some headphones to listen to some relaxing music, a book to keep their mind sharp, blue blocker glasses to make it easier to focus on charts, and some super-healthy milkshake for a much-needed energy boost on late nights. (Naturally, they also have some wine close to hand just in case.)


  1. Furry friends 

It seems many battlestations wouldn’t be complete without a loyal lieutenant — a cat. Although cute, exercise caution if you need to access your keyboard in a hurry.

  1. Keeping it simple 

Not all of you are fans of mega computing setups, gaming chairs and mechanical keyboards. We’ve had a sizeable number of people share photos of their trusty laptop — explaining that they value the freedom to trade wherever they like, and on the move. One or two of you even prefer wooden stools at your battlestations, as you don’t want to get comfortable. And some only need an iPhone to work your magic.

No matter who wins our contest, all of your contributions show that there’s no right or wrong answer to being a good trader. It’s all about trusting your instincts, and relying on the tools that work for you.

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