Hedge Funds

CrossTower has relationships with many hedge funds. We offer lending, repurchase, financing and a variety of bespoke products that capture alpha through structured products.

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Family Offices

CrossTower takes a white glove approach with respect to family offices, designing digital asset products that are customized to meet the risk appetite of our customers. Products include, for example, principal protected notes, yield enhancing funds and other structured exposures.

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Asset Managers

CrossTower has a team dedicated to educating asset managers about digital and cryptocurrency assets.  CrossTower offers a variety of products with different risk profiles that may be attractive to the variety of asset management clients.

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Financial Advisors

CrossTower has been contacted by many financial advisors that are looking for products for their clients. CrossTower has products for accredited investors, such as long-only bitcoin funds, and products for retail, such as lending and interest rate products.

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News and Events
CrossTower to Acquire BEQUANT and Launches the Industry First ESG Crypto Fund
New York, Monday, November 28, 2022 – CrossTower, the global cryptocurrency trading platform, announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire BEQUANT, a leading prime brokerage and digital asset exchange, for an undisclosed amount. CrossTower also announced the launch of the first ESG Crypto Fund in partnership with the Lydian Group to invest in and rebuild companies that have promising futures. BEQUANT, with its institutional trading and prime brokerage platform, will enable CrossTower to expand its suite of professional grade products for a global market, covering the U.S., Bermuda, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Through this acquisition, CrossTower will add over 600 professional exchange clients, generating ove $400 billion of yearly turnover with more than a dozen exchanges connected its platform. The ESG Crypto Fund will invest in companies focused on: 1) Environmental – The industry must become smarter at managing energy costs, given the reduced asset pricing and
CrossTower, other crypto firms line up bids for bankrupt Voyager Digital after FTX collapse
News and Events
CrossTower Considers Own Crypto Fund Alongside Voyager Bid
CrossTower Considers Own Crypto Fund Alongside Voyager Bid By Emily Nicolle November 23, 2022, at 11:26 PM GMT+5:30 Crypto exchange CrossTower Inc. is considering further acquisitions beyond its bid for the assets of bankrupt crypto lender Voyager Digital, a deal revived this month after Voyager’s original buyer FTX Trading Ltd. itself filed for bankruptcy. CrossTower is among several companies reviving or exploring new bids for Voyager. Asset manager Wave Financial is weighing up a return to the process after participating in the previous auction, a person familiar with the matter said, while the US arm of crypto exchange Binance is also said to be interested this time round, CoinDesk reported. Wave declined to comment. FTX won a weeks-long auction to buy Voyager’s assets in September, but Voyager’s main bankruptcy attorney said the deal is no longer going ahead after FTX itself filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this month. The sale was valued at about $1.4 billion,

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