Structured Products

Inefficiencies in the digital asset markets generate yields well above those available on cash. CrossTower customizes returns on digital assets through its yield enhancement and principal protection structured products. Sample products include yield enhancement on Bitcoin by writing covered calls and a structure that exchanges certain upside in the price of Bitcoin with downside protection.

Bitcoin Fund

Offering market exposure to Bitcoin for both US investors and international investors through a traditional master-feeder fund structure.

The offering is through a standard privately placed security so that investors do not have to learn the complexities of buying Bitcoin directly.

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CrossTower Classroom
Risky Business
One of the most important concepts in the investing world is the idea of risk premium. The idea that in general, investors are risk averse.
CrossTower Classroom
THORChain About To Pick Up Steam?
Decentralized liquidity network THORChain has several exciting catalysts in the near-term that we are closely monitoring.
CrossTower Classroom
NFT Gas Wars
A gas war occurs when the demand to mint a new NFT collection is greater than the network can process. The winners claim their NFTs and the losers are left without their NFT, but still have to pay the gas fee for the failed transaction.

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