Structured Products

Inefficiencies in the digital asset markets generate yields well above those available on cash. CrossTower customizes returns on digital assets through its yield enhancement and principal protection structured products. Sample products include yield enhancement on Bitcoin by writing covered calls and a structure that exchanges certain upside in the price of Bitcoin with downside protection.

Bitcoin Fund

Offering market exposure to Bitcoin for both US investors and international investors through a traditional master-feeder fund structure.

The offering is through a standard privately placed security so that investors do not have to learn the complexities of buying Bitcoin directly.

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Market Color
Market Color September 24: China’s central bank bans all crypto transactions, Bitcoin now accepted as tips on Twitter, Robinhood to test crypto wallets next month, & more.
Market Color YouTube Market Color Podcast Episode Summary China’s central bank has said all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal and must be banned.Circle is partnering with financial data aggregator Plaid.Twitter has officially rolled out its tips function worldwide, with a bitcoin integration provided via the Lightning network.1inch has deployed its Exchange Aggregator and Limit Order protocols to the Arbitrum layer 2 network.eToro has launched a new portfolio offering exposure to DeFi through a portfoilio of 11 crypto assets.Kava Labs has launched a $185 million Ignition Fund that will be used to support DeFi projects and onboard new projects.eToro is delaying going public through a SPAC listing until the fourth quarter.Dapper Labs (NBA TopShot NFT creator) has raises another $250m of was led by Coatue.Crypto custodian Cobo Wallet raised $40 million in a Series B funding round led by DST Global, A&T Capital and IMO Ventures.Argo Blockchain said it raised $112.5 million in a
Market Color
Market Color, September 22: Mine BTC at home through Compass Mining, Coinbase to open prime brokerage to institutional investors, & more.
Market Color YouTube Market Color Podcast Episode Summary Gensler said he will be looking closely at crypto platforms as he believes many crypto tokens have attributes of investment contracts or securities. “Stablecoins may have attributes of investment contracts, have some attributes like banking products.” Coinbase has dropped its plans to launch its lending product. Coinbase is opening its Prime crypto brokerage to all institutional investors.DeFi platform Vee Finance has exploited for around $35 million in the second major attack of an Avalanche platform.Portal, a project that’s looking to build out a DeFi ecosystem on the Bitcoin blockchain, has raised $8.5million.Invesco has file and register Invesco Galaxy Bitcoin ETF, a trust with physically protected private keys.FTX has received licenses in Gibraltar and the Bahamas for two of its subsidiaries. Compass Mining has launched a new service that lets retail miners mine bitcoin at their homes.Genesis Digital Assets, has announced a strategic raise of $431 million, making git the largest known
Market Color
Market Color, September 17: SushiSwap attack, Head of Product at OpenSea resigns, Avalanche raises $230M in a token sale to institutional investors, & more.
Market Color YouTube Market Color Podcast Episode Summary Coinbase filed an application with the National Futures Association on Wednesday to register as a futures commission merchant.Yesterday the El Salvador bond spreads to U.S. Treasuries hit a record high. This is leading to investors fearing that El Salvador will not reach a potential $1Billion loan agreement with the IMF and would then face negative credit implications linked to its use of bitcoin.Head of product at NFT marketplace OpenSea Nate Chastain, has resigned following allegations of insider trading.Tether has released a statement saying that it doesn’t hold any commercial paper issued by the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande.Binance CEO has acknowledged in a TV interview that Binance’s global, decentralized operation with no headquarters does not go down well with regulators.A NFT auction on the MISO token launchpad built on SushiSwap has been exploited, with the attacker making off with roughly $3 million in ether, SushiSwap

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