Structured Products

Inefficiencies in the digital asset markets generate yields well above those available on cash. CrossTower customizes returns on digital assets through its yield enhancement and principal protection structured products. Sample products include yield enhancement on Bitcoin by writing covered calls and a structure that exchanges certain upside in the price of Bitcoin with downside protection.

Bitcoin Fund

Offering market exposure to Bitcoin for both US investors and international investors through a traditional master-feeder fund structure.

The offering is through a standard privately placed security so that investors do not have to learn the complexities of buying Bitcoin directly.

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Crypto Market Cap | Britain’s digital service tax & Google’s Threat Horizon report | Market Color
Bloomberg is reporting that China is considering setting up a digital asset exchange in Beijing, to promote the usage of the digital yuan and crack down on cryptocurrencies.
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Crypto Market Cap | Web 3.0 & NFT word of the year | Market Color
The Collins Dictionary has officially announced declaring that NFT is their word of the year, surpassing the likes of crypto, metaverse and hybrid working, among others, and more.
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Crypto Market Cap | El Salvador creating Bitcoin City & Celsius Network expansion | Market Color
El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced that El Salvador will be creating a “Bitcoin City”, located on the Gulf of Fonseca near a volcano, and more.

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