Full Service Trading desk

We facilitate large transactions at a lower cost, offering unique and custom Structured Products to suit every need. We offer a full service trading desk via our office in New Jersey, Bermuda, & India.


Improve your capital efficiency through our institutional financing services. Access liquidity at better rates to suit your capital needs.

  • Borrow USD, USDC, BTC, ETH.
  • Generate yield on your collateral.
  • Institutional grade custody.

Custody & Investment Strategies

We offer a variety of services specific to your asset needs. Including cold storage, segregated funds, which are audited and secured. We also offer custom solutions and trading strategies for institutions and high net investors. 

Sub-Account Structure

As an investment manager, you can add separately managed client accounts and execute trades for multiple clients with a sub-account structure.

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CrossTower Classroom
THORChain About To Pick Up Steam?
Decentralized liquidity network THORChain has several exciting catalysts in the near-term that we are closely monitoring.
CrossTower Classroom
NFT Gas Wars
A gas war occurs when the demand to mint a new NFT collection is greater than the network can process. The winners claim their NFTs and the losers are left without their NFT, but still have to pay the gas fee for the failed transaction.
Research Reports
Is the Bitcoin Bottom In?
Several Indicators Suggest We Are at a Local Bottom The global crypto market has been falling since around November 10th, the day on which Bitcoin hit its all-time high of approximately $69,000. There has been steady selling since then, although it did not feel like it – impressive gains in various Layer 1 and Metaverse tokens masked the overall weakness. Yet with the Fed’s hawkish comments in the new year leading to pain for equities as well, nearly all of crypto has been pummeled. Bitcoin has managed to hold around the $40,000 level after briefly falling through. Now, two weeks into 2022, there are several on-chain metrics that suggest BTC, and the broader crypto market, may be past their bottom. Reserve Risk Flashes Buy Reserve risk, a measure of the confidence of long-term BTC holders, has declined to levels that indicate attractive risk/rewards and have coincided with troughs in the