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Meet us at Bitcoin 2022
The Bitcoin 2022 Conference is taking place April 6-9 in Miami, FL. We’d love to meet you!
CrossTower Classroom
UST’s New BTC Forex Reserve
Anchor, Terra’s primary borrow/lend protocol, is notorious for it’s ~20% yields on stablecoin UST, which is much higher than what is available on most other DeFi protocols these days.
Research Reports
Avalanche Activity Heating Up
Transactions on Avalanche Buck Trend vs. Other L1s Total value locked (TVL) among top Layer 1 protocols largely fell for the 7 days ending February 22, 2022, in part due to a decline in the broader crypto market (-10%). Terra was an outlier, however, with its TVL increasing roughly 11% WoW. Polygon saw a more pronounced decline relative to peers, with TVL dropping 18%. Avalanche saw the most moderate decline, with TVL dropping 1% over the period. The trend across many L1s seems to be declining transactions and user activity. Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain have seen a pronounced decrease in these metrics in recent months, which is indicative of bear market conditions. On the other hand, Avalanche and Fantom have seen robust growth in both daily transactions and unique users since the end of 2021. Exhibit 1. TVL Performance by Layer 1 (Data as of February 22, 2022)

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