Crypto Interest Rates
Earn Upto8.00%
Earn Upto8.00%
Earn Upto8.00%
Earn Upto8.00%

*T&C Apply

How to Claim $10 of BTC for Free?
Step 1
Transfer at least $100 of crypto into your CrossTower account. You can also transfer fiat and purchase $100+ of crypto on CrossTower to qualify.
Step 2
Deposit at least $100 of crypto into CrossTower’s ‘Earn Interest’ product.
Step 3
Hold this crypto in the ‘Earn Interest’ product for at least 90 days.
Step 4
In addition to the interest earned on your deposit, you will receive free $10 of BTC in your account within 24 hours after the 90 day+ holding period.
Why Earn with CrossTower? Grow your portfolio while keeping your crypto
secure with CrossTower.
Fully Automated Platform

Seamlessly earn passive income on your crypto holdings through CrossTower’s automated platform.

Daily Payouts

CrossTower provides immediate daily access to the interest you earn. Interest earned is automatically deposited into your account daily, compounding the interest you earn each day.

Worry-Free Earning

Maximize your crypto earnings with CrossTower safely and securely holding your crypto.

Zero Fees

Earn interest on your crypto with zero fees. Deposit and withdraw at any time. A nominal fee will be charged only if a user withdraws before the initial lock-up period has passed*.

How to Start Earning on Crypto? Create a CrossTower account and start
earning immediately.
Select Your Assets

Select one or multiple cryptocurrencies and transfer to your CrossTower account.

Select Your Allocation

Select the portion of your crypto to earn interest on: 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

Select Your Tenure

Set the time you want to earn for, 30 days minimum. You can also choose to auto-renew interest earnings.

Start Earning

That’s it! You are now earning interest on the crypto selected, with earnings automatically added to your account daily.

Frequently asked questions
A Earn Crypto Interest feature allows users to gain interest on their crypto holdings.
Users simply need to select eligible tokens and the tenure of investments to create an Earn Crypto Interest deposit.
No fee is applicable for creating Earn Crypto Interest deposit.
Customers must keep the deposit for 30 Days. If they withdraw before lock-in period of 30 days then a fee of $10 worth of crypto will be charged by CrossTower.
No, users cannot withdraw the crypto within 24 hours of depositing their holding in the Earn Interest program.

Users have to deposit crypto for a minimum period of 30 days to earn interest and 90 days to get reward.

No, we do not support partial withdrawal.
Interest will be credited daily in Earn Crypto Interest. Users can transfer the accumulated amount back to the trading account at the end of the tenure.
Yes, the user can renew the deposit anytime. Users can also select the auto-renew option while initially depositing the funds in Earn Crypto Interest.

For Bitcoin (BTC) its upto 8%, Ethereum (ETH) its upto 8%, USDC its upto 8% and Tether (USDT20) its upto 8%.

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*Rates are subject to change

Yes, minimum deposit amount is $26 and maximum deposit amount is $3000

You can always sign in to your account and check your reward status. Here are some reasons why you didn’t get your reward:

• If you fail to follow the instructions of reward program then you will not be eligible to get reward.

• First 1,000 depositors will get the reward.

• You need to hold the equivalent of $26 or more in any of the supported assets for at least 90 days for the reward to be credited.

• This reward program is applicable only once per user

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Interest Rate product is applicable for selective coins only, Interest percentage gets calculated based on selected Crypto Coin’s market demand and supply and System calculation has been set Accordingly.
Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions