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Mining for Individuals

We facilitate loans tailored to your needs. Whether you are buying equipment for the first time, upgrading your existing equipment, or looking to expand your capabilities, this could be the mining opportunity you have been waiting for.


Start your mining operations here. We can help you secure rack space and acquire the latest mining equipment.

Increasing Your Hashrate

Mining is all about efficiency. Increase your hashrate with air or immersion mining. We are here to help increase your hashrate.

Mining for Institutions

Niche industries need bespoke solutions. We are here to provide them. Whether you are building your first mining farm, expanding your operations, or looking to make a large purchase, let us help you achieve your goals.

Mining Farms

Start your mining farm or expand your operations through our solutions. Innovative solutions have disruptive impacts.

The Next Step

Our team of experts craft cutting edge solutions. Whether it be to secure the next machine delivery, acquire a power plant, or execute a capital markets strategy.

Client financing to acquire machines

In recognition of the mining industry’s rapid growth and increased demand, CrossTower facilitates financing to miners through its partnership with various banking partners. Retail and institutional miners will be able to finance their acquisitions with 1 of 3 options:

  1. Posting digital assets as collateral.
  2. Committing a portion of their future revenues.
  3. Using their mining machines as collateral.

Hedging your risks

The CrossTower team can offer miners a range of structured products, options, and futures to hedge their risk.

Our Services

We help you grow

By providing bespoke financing, we take into account who you are, where you want to go and how we can help you achieve your goals.

We facilitate competitive loans

Allowing you to purchase more machines or equipment to capitalize on market opportunity.

We provide you with the resources to get funded quickly.

We utilize digital assets & offer financing through strategic partnerships.

Avoid having to sell your digital assets

Our team is dedicated to helping you maintain your digital assets while growing your facility.

We limit your risk

By allowing you to lock in the price of the asset being mined and protecting your downside risk.

We offer solutions

We partner with forward thinking institutions to offer our clients cutting edge solutions.