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Research Reports
BTC Set to Rise on Strengthening Fundamentals
Bitcoin is seeing impressive growth on nearly all fronts as we enter the final weeks of Q3 2021. We suggest investors look past the crash in prices last week, which we believe was a result of soft spot volumes and liquidations of overextended leveraged longs, and examine the on-chain data, which points to continued growth in the Bitcoin network. We are seeing rising confidence among Bitcoin holders across several metrics. Moreover, address and entity growth continues to trend higher in recent weeks, with some of these metrics at records. Bitcoin Investor Confidence Rising There are several metrics that point to strengthening investor confidence in BTC. The first of which is the holder (“HODLer”) net position change, which crypto intelligence provider Glassnode defines as the monthly position change of long-term investors. This figure has been net positive since mid-August 2021, indicating long-term investors are accumulating BTC. Recent data is especially encouraging
Research Reports
Big Buyers Are Driving NFT Resurgence
Following the non-fungible token (NFT) craze we saw in Q1 2021, investor appetite for NFTs declined markedly in Q2 along with the broader slump in cryptocurrencies, as demonstrated by declining sales volumes and prices. To some, NFTs are just jpegs, digital images that anyone can download from the internet for free. But to NFT enthusiasts, they are better than physical art or other objects. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, NFT prices for many sought after collections have jumped in the last week or two and online forums are abuzz with renewed interest in old and new NFTs. There seem to be two drivers behind the resurgence: 1) The success of NFT game Axie Infinity and 2) The entrance of major buyers into the NFT space. Axie Infinity Crypto NFT game Axie Infinity surged in popularity in late Q2, posting strong growth in users and sales of Axies, the game’s Pokémon-like
Research Reports
Bulls are Back? Bitcoin Sees a Short Squeeze
Amazon Crypto Rumor Helps Brings BTC to $40,000 Bitcoin pushed upwards over the weekend, rising from around $32,500 Friday to over $40,000 by Monday afternoon. The gains seem driven by a short squeeze on Sunday, during which BTC rose roughly 10%. The move higher can be partly attributed to an article from British business and finance newspaper City A.M., which said that Amazon is seeking to accept BTC payments by the end of 2021, citing an insider. Moreover, the article stated that Amazon would seek to accept other major cryptocurrencies once Bitcoin payments have been implemented, and that it is exploring launching its own token for 2022. The company denied the report, according to a Bloomberg article later in the day. In this piece, we examine factors that can explain Bitcoin’s push higher, including the BTC perpetual futures funding rate, BTC futures leverage ratio, HODL waves, and exchange outflows. Exhibit

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