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We combine a straightforward design with advanced order types. Our analytical tools are for experienced traders, CrossTower offers a simple buy & sell interface for traders of all levels. Our exchange platform doesn’t charge our users anything to trade cryptocurrency. Sign up and start trading today. 

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Market Insights
The future of India and Web 3.0
By Kristin Boggiano The crypto industry, India, & Web 3.0 The crypto industry could add $184 billion dollars of economic value to India by 2030, says a report published by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) in India. I think that number is low. India is well positioned to take advantage of Web 3.0. The building blocks are open source, which means that everyone has access. These building blocks are like legos. People can build safe, fast, consistent, transparent, rails for lending, borrowing, extensions of credit, using advanced financial models. With transparency that is inherent in the technology, risk management will be better for the consumer. In order to participate in this new financial ecosystem, one only needs a phone. India & the U.S. Perhaps India can look at how the US used technology to bring prosperity, education, jobs and increase the quality of life for people.
Decentralized App Boom
Applications with smart contracts for financial purposes, protocols for gaming, or NFT’s of your favorite athlete. All of this is happening on the Ethereum Blockchain. It’s an exciting space where new protocols (think interactive software) are coming each day that allow creation of NFTs, digital wallets, and even RPG games. You can play an RPG game from one corner of the world, while someone else creates NFTs from the other side of the world, all made possible by the Ethereum Blockchain. This rapid innovation of decentralized applications lays the groundwork to allow the Ethereum Blockchain to continue growing, expanding, and attracting users.  CrossTower Inc. provides this content for general information purposes, to better inform you on your digital asset investment journey. We do not provide investment recommendations or provide tax advice. Please consult your investment professional or tax advisor if you require assistance in these areas.
Market Insights
India’s Opportunity from China’s Crypto Crackdown
India has huge opportunity to benefit from China’s crackdown on the crypto industry. Crypto is new, innovative technology for financial activities such as lending, payments, and distributing credit. It is the Web 3.0. China forcing out such innovation and advancement is to India’s benefit, and India should now embrace this new technology with open arms. Crypto can make India a global leader in this new technology. China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency is likely in part because it wants to remove competitors to its digital yuan, which its government controls. But this is the wrong approach, as crypto can coexist, and even complement, CBDCs. In addition, crypto is not just a “currency”. The technology is a new frame work for finance and information. China is choosing control over innovation, and potentially giving up a leading role in what could be the most important industry to come. With its growing and large young

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