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CrossTower is on a mission to mainstream
digital asset investing and trading

We believe that bringing the advanced trading tools, rigorous security, compliance safeguards, price efficiencies, and support models from the global equity markets into digital assets will make this a reality.

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Advanced Trading Tools

Robust API & Connectivity

Access market data and trading services through our FIX, RESTful, and WebSocket APIs and achieve lightning fast trading on a low-latency high-throughput platform via co-location.

Customizable User Interface

Track multiple markets at a time and personalize the layout of our trading terminal through deep customization options and multi-screen support.

Innovative Order Types

Our leading matching engine supports basic order types including Market, Limit, Stop Market, as well as advanced order types like Stop Limit, and Scaled with Time-in-Force instructions including Good-Till-Canceled, Fill-Or-Kill, Immediate-Or-Cancel, Day, Good-Til-Date/Time as well as Post-Only option.

Why Pay to Trade?

No-Fee Trading
Trade crypto commission-free

Liquidity Makes a Market

We offer tight bid-ask spreads, deep order books, best-in-class risk management, and high-quality trade execution. For this reason we have partnered with active global liquidity providers and the world’s biggest market makers.

With our strong expertise in equities and options markets, we have designed our platform to mitigate risk for customers. We provide multi-layer protections and risk management tools so that liquidity providers can confidently offer deep liquidity.


Best Execution Quality

Deep liquidity with tight spreads and market depth will minimize market impact and provide better execution quality.


Maximize Your Returns

Our transparent, low cost trading model along with best execution minimizes your cost to help you maximize your returns.

laptop and phone

Free and easy to use mobile solutions

Combining a straightforward design with advanced order types and analytical tools for experienced traders, CrossTower offers a simple buy & sell interface for traders of all levels.

High Security and Rigorous Safeguards



Know that most of our assets are held in our offline, air-gapped cold storage system that uses a multisig digital signature scheme to prevent against the loss or compromise of any private key.



Our exchange infrastructure is hosted in a world-class Equinix data center that is SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001 and PCI compliant and our cybersecurity practices are audited by a leading cybersecurity expert.


Regulatory Compliance

We are a US-based exchange dedicated to fully complying with the regulatory framework of the United States and every jurisdiction in which we operate.



Rest assured knowing that CrossTower takes every measure to prevent fraud and be fully compliant with AML/KYC regulations.

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