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CrossTower and Alpine F1® Team Up for the U.S. Grand Prix

CrossTower in India: Interview with CEO Kapil Rathi

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  • October 18, 2021
    CrossTower and Alpine F1 (R) Team Up for the U.S. Grand Prix
    CrossTower, one of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges, announced today its partnership with the Alpine F1 (R) Team for the race at the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas on October 24. This marks CrossTower’s first appearance at the sold-out Formula 1 event.
  • October 14, 2021
    Kapil Rathi talks Stablecoin, Regulation, & Market Growth
  • October 12, 2021
    Is Institutional Crypto Adoption Still In The ‘Early Stages’?
    “I think that these barriers are already starting to come down, with trusted custody solutions and eventually the approval of ETFs paving the way for institutions…” – Chad Steinglass

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The Next Chapter: Proshares Bitcoin Strategy ETF
Today is the first day of trading for the new Proshares Bitcoin strategy ETF, the first Bitcoin linked ETF to trade on a listed US exchange.
Fractional NFT
by Justin Caccappolo Joint Ownership As top tier NFT projects have seen immense price increases over the past year, an average retail investor entering the NFT space is priced out of these investments. Looking to bridge the gap between these price discrepancies, multiple protocols have realized this inefficiency and innovated buying, selling, and minting fractions of NFTs on Ethereum. Through these protocols, users are able to become partial owners of certain NFTs that are powered by smart contracts while unlocking liquidity to the original owner. In some instances, NFT holders may want to take profit or liquidate a portion of their NFT as they reach certain price points. However, NFTs are single tokens and selling a NFT constitutes selling the entirety of it, which is different from regular market dynamics in that you can take profit on a certain percentage of your position. These protocols include Niftex, DAOfi, and Fractional
Coin Days Destroyed
There was a pullback in BTC and the broader crypto market on Tuesday, seemingly out of nowhere. But these kind of movements in the market can often be explained by on-chain data.

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